Alternative Healing Centre In Bangalore

The Healing Centre, Madhu Clinic was started in the year 1995 by Dr. Madhusudan.K.R The centre primarily concentrates on promoting overall sense of well being. Provides healing and training with a wide range of alternate therapies.

Healer - Dr.Madhu’s Profile

DR.MADHUSUDAN is a medical graduate having finished his MBBS from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. He has specialized in CHEST DISEASES.

He was introduced to the world of alternative healing in the year 1994. Learning different healing techniques and using it brought in a positive change in his life. Therefore he decided to impart his knowledge to others and heal people through these wonderful & powerful techniques. That lead to the foundation of the alternative healing centre – Madhu Clinic

He is one of the leading Reiki Grand Masters in Bangalore. He has conducted more than 10,000 seminars & trained more than 1,00,000 students till date. In the past 23 years, he has treated more than 1,25,000  chronic patients, quite successfully. 

Famous personalities treated by Dr.Madhu

Dr Madhusudan has the distinction of having treated the all time great, matinee idol, Dr. Rajkumar for his knee pain, back pain & neck pain. He has also taught some healing techniques & meditations to Dr Vishnuvardhan.

He had even treated Dr.Modi, the famous eye surgeon who held the world record for maximum number of eye operations.

Alternative Healing Centre - Madhu Clinic
Alternative Healing Centre
Interviews on TV Channels

His interviews have appeared on all leading TV CHANNELS.

He is the only medical doctor in the state to have given more 200 TV interviews on TV CHANNELS. His TV interviews have appeared on all major TV channels like Tv 9, Suvarna Tv, B Tv, Udaya Tv, Ayush Tv, Samaya Tv, Pu Blic Tv, Janasri Tv,Raj News, Doordarshan.

He has got some extra ordinary results with some of the very difficult cases  –

A Case of Uterine bleeding – of 3 years where, after all medicines & injections failed to control the bleeding, with just 5 days of healing, bleeding completely stops and doing fine after 6 months. Difficult to believe..? Yet true:-)

 A case of Thyroid problem – with history of 10 years. Thyroid problem got completely normalized with treatment for 2 months. We have the lab.reports from a very reputed lab as the final proof!!!

A case of severe knee joint pain – A lady with history of severe knee joint pain for 5 years, got treated for 6 days and the problem got completely cured. The patient learnt some healing techniques, and is practicing them. Now she is absolutely fine !!!

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