Alternative Healing Courses

The Alternative Healing courses that we teach deal with cleansing, purifying and healing our energy field, what we call “AURA”. The cause for any of our suffering be it –  physical, psychological, mental(or any other also), is due to the  negative energy in our energy field. These healing techniques, by clearing the negative energies restore health back to us. There are different courses for different kinds of problems, just like there are different antibiotics for different infections.For example , Mexican Healing is very good for dealing with negative entities, Psychic surgery for dealing with negative blocks, Reiki for removing negative energies, Melchizedek Healing for removing very chronic karma.

These Healing techniques are easy to learn & still easier to practice 

Angel  Therapy

Psychic Surgery

Mexican Healing

Aroma Therapy


Karuna  Reiki

Magnified Healing

Melchizedek Method

Bach Flower Therapy