Angel Therapy Course

What are Angels?
Angels are known to be the messengers of God. Angels act as the intermediates between the heaven and earth. They work in protecting the human life, guiding and assisting them to deal with all aspects of life including physical, mental and emotional health. 

What is Angel Therapy?

The method of healing through the angels is called Angel Therapy. We have different antibiotics for different conditions, likewise we have different angels & archangels for different problems. Everyone has guardian angels and connecting with them helps create more peace in life. Angels can give clear guidance in many areas—finances, relationships, health, and tapping into your life’s purpose. But you’ve got to ask for their help, because angels don’t, and won’t, impose on anyone’s freewill.

Therefore, it is not wrong to say Angel therapy is probably the most simplest of the healing techniques to learn yet a very effective & powerful one.

Angel Therapy Course
Angel Therapy Course
Angel Therapy Course

Angel therapy Course 

So what is the Take away 

– Course material
– Angels/ Archangels that would help with different problems/issues
– Recorded treatment commentary would be given to the students in a pen-drive with a pen-drive player and an earphone.
–  60 photos of the angels, archangels and ascended masters 

Angel therapy helps in healing following conditions, greatly –

– Headache body ache, neck pain, knee joint pain

-Acidity, gastritis, indigestion

-Allergies, other skin disorders

-Gynecological problems in ladies, like excessive uterine bleeding, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopausal syndrome etc

-Psychological problems like, stress related disorders, induced diabetes etc

-Even mental disoerders like schizophrenia, obscessive compulsive disorder [O.C.D.]

-Relationship Problems

-Job prospects, promotions, finding suitable job for self or others

-Attracting money and prosperity

-Attracting peace, happiness, joy in life

-To bring harmony into your family

-Healing many other aspects of life

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