What is Angel Therapy?

Angel Therapy also called Angel Healing or Angelic Healing is the healing of self, others or place by invoking upon Angels, Archangels and Ascendant Masters.

Angels, Archangels and Ascendant Masters of higher dimensional beings are ready to help to heal when they are called upon.

Angels are messengers of God. Angels were created after Earth was created. They are small in size around 4 to 6 inches and are seen wearing bright coloured dresses with wings. Archangels are huge and are around 15 to 20 feet in size. Archangels are very ancient and were created much before Earth was created. Angels work under Archangels and under their guidance do the work of healing, protection etc.,

Ascendant masters are people who were born on Earth, with their noble deeds have attained higher energies and who would like to help when called upon.

Angel Healing meaning is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with your angels and archangels. In Angel Therapy we can do Healing, Protection, Spirit release, clearing and energising for a place, self or others.

Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy uses

We can use Angel Therapy for different issues like House Cleaning or Space Clearing, Protection in general and also against Psychic attacks, for physical fitness, general healing, for abundance and money related matters. Angel Therapy also helps in overcoming addictions like smoking, alcoholism, coffee etc.,

Angel Therapy works well for Alchemy, improving communication, to finding lost pets or material. Artists can invoke them for their projects for smooth completion. To become attractive, to get beautiful thoughts, to improve your beauty, to overcome blindness, for breakups, to enhance their career, for painless childbirth, for conception and fertility issues, custody of the children and protecting them.

We can call upon them to heal relationship issues, commitment for relations, for increasing clairvoyance, compassion, cooperation from other people, cosmetics, courage, craving, dancing, decision making, determination, detoxification, divine magic, dreams, overcoming ego, for emergency money, for employment, for energy work and healing, for engagement, exercise, harmony, feminine power and strength, abundant supply of food, purifying the food, for goal setting and achievement, for good fortune, harmony in families, guidance and support for healers.

To increase the healing abilities of the healers, healing and protection of animals, for specific issues related to heart and cardiovascular issues, menopausal issues.

We can call upon them to cleanse and enhance the healing abilities of Crystals. We can call upon them to manifest our intentions, diverting and dispelling natural calamities like Hurricanes.

We can call upon them for inspiration, help with integrity, interior decorators for their works, inventors, journalists, job interviews, for attaining justice, legal matters to be favourable, kindness, longevity, to retrieve lost items, getting mechanical issues fixed for mediation of disputes.

To help in meditation, miracles, clearing obstacles, Global peace, household peace, perseverance, protection from religious persecution, purification and cleanliness, for improved self-esteem for students for their exams, vitality and shielding against negative energies.

Angel Therapy is very easy to learn and practise. It is good to have the pictures of the Angels, Archangels and Ascendant masters so that you can visualise them to be present with you during the healing.

Angels are the divine beings whom we can invoke in all walks of life, they are non-denominal they come for help at any point in time; they cannot interfere without your will. So call upon them for any purpose no matter if it is big, small, or even silly… be in contact with them and experience the magic within. There are no right or wrong ways in connecting to these divine beings.


How to do Angel Healing Meditation?

Meditating with angles is an amazing experience, all you need to do is to call upon them and ask for assistance. Simply breathe in the divine healing light of the angels and ask them to surround helping you with the tasks you need to accomplish in the given time frame. The more you work with them the more you get inclined with their energies. Meditating with them is the easiest and simplest way to be in their loving healing light.

As an angel healing practitioner you will be able to work with them and channelize the messages guided to you by them which would help you and your client’s queries to be answered.

Angel therapy is rooted and based on the divine sacred principles of mentalism, which tells us that the entire universe including yourself is composed of thought forms of infinite intelligence, wisdom and creativity. We all live in the omnipresent mind of the divine.

As we deep dive into meditation with the angels we get to experience angels in all the three planes of our existence. We elevate our consciousness to a higher plane by applying the understanding of how to work with these higher beings from the higher planes. We can attract, change or banish the negative vibrations by accelerating or decelerating the situations with the help of angels.

While we connect with these beings, No matter what choices we make every experience is the same in the truth, things that appear to be opposite will actually be the same but with different degrees. Most importantly transmuting unwanted situations and emotions into something more desirable. Enjoy the ultimate magic happening in your life with these details. As the universe operates in precise and predictable rhythms by mastering your moods you become immune to downward turns in your life’s experiences and learn the cause and effect in your healing and manifestations.

Angels have both masculine and feminine energies which are magnetic, attracting, electric and creating. Angels bless everyone to enjoy this steady flow of creating abundance by giving and receiving.

Angel Healing can be used as a complementary to methods of healing and works really wonderfully. Some of the other modalities are working with Crystals, Aromatherapy and Tarot cards to name a few. Apart from various other alternative healing methods that are available.

Probably one of the easiest and most effective ways of healing and covering many aspects or issues with one method of healing would be Angel therapy. Using the images or pictures to visualise the angels, archangels and ascendant masters works out very well apart from carrying them as pendants or talismans.

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