Mighty 5 Elemental Energies

Anything you see in the material creation is made up of one or more of these five elemental energies. Be it the clothes that we wear or Sofa that we sit on, the TVs and laptops that we use 

Pens and pencils in the that we use and all living beings are made up of these five elemental energies that are next only to God in power. They control the whole universe. Yes, you read it right, they control the whole universe. 

In human beings these 5 elemental energies control the five major chakras. 

Earth Energy controls the basic chakra, muladhara in sanskrit. Water elemental energy controls  the sacral chakra, Fire controls the solar what you call in manipur in Sanskrit, Air energy controls heart chakra, anahata in sanskrit and cosmic energy controls the throat ajna and crown chakras also called as Vishuddhi Aggya and Sahasraara  respectively in sanskrit. 

Do you know the reason for our problems?

Any problem that we get is because of the imbalance of these 5 elemental energies. 

Problems of lower limbs is because of the problem with basic chakra problem, lower abdomen is because of the imbalance of the water elemental energy and problems in upper abdomen is because of the imbalance of fire energy and problems of the chest area is because of imbalance of the air energy and finally the problems of the neck and head is because of the problem in the cosmic energy. 

Let’s consider another example – say someone cheats people relating to land purchases Earth elemental energy feels that this person does not deserve my energy. So it’s going to cut off the energy supply resulting in blockage. The chakra is about 6 inches to one foot below the foot. When the energy Supply to the lower limbs is blocked, it cannot function properly resulting in knee joint pain or thigh pain etc. So when you make the prayer to the earth Elemental energy, it removes the blockage resulting in  restoration of the Earth element energy. Hence cures the knee joint pain or the thigh pain. 

Now that we know the power of 5 elemental energies and how they control us, it’s time to understand how we can solve our problems by making simple, yet effective prayers. 

Any problem can be rectified by making prayer to the respectable elemental energy responsible for that in particular and the other elemental energies in general.  

Any problem in the basic chakra, ie lower limbs could be rectified by praying to The Earth elemental energy. Likewise, problem of the basic lower abdomen can be rectified by making a prayer to water Elemental energy and problems of upper abdomen can be rectified by making a prayer to fire elemental energy and problems of the chest area  making a prayer to air element energy and problems of neck and head By making the prayer to cosmic energy.

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These prayers work wonders. Experience the difference yourself

So, how do you make a prayer? Supposing a person has knee joint pain, you can make a prayer to earth elemental energy in particular and to all the elemental energies in general. 

Oh, Mighty 5 elemental energies, currently forgive me for any mistakes I might have committed in the past in relation to any one of you or many of you. Kindly, forgive me bless me, be with me for the day

Then make a prayer to five elemental energies in general. Like this. 

When you do this, prefer to do it in the night by coning the five fingers of the left hand with tears in your eyes. I.e doing it sincerely. Otherwise, it could be mechanical means coming from your mind.  

Doing this, removes the blockage resulting in  restoration of the Earth element energy. Hence cures the joint pain. 

It may take only 5 – 10 minutes  or so. Do it for five months, you can see the difference in how powerful this meditation is. You can make it out yourself. 

And even if you don’t have any problem, you can make the prayer to 5  elemental energies daily. Always better may be just some time before going to bed. 

You know for the mistakes committed in the past,  you can ask for forgiveness. It become important to avoid making misuse or abuse of these 5 elemental Energies in future. 

So by making a prayer to the five elemental Energies regularly, you can see a good improvement in the problems and again, I repeat it should be done sincerely. One can find good results only if it is done with utmost sincereness