Important Facts

Learn how your body works and what can be done to improve your physical & mental health

Can You Imagine..?

Every second, 4 trillion reactions go on in each cell. There are 75 trillion cells in human body.  That means, 300 trillion reactions go on in a person every second.  That is a mind boggling figure.

  Who do you think is controlling these many reactions?

It is your “SOUL”.
Now you know the potential of your soul.

Do you know where most of our energy is being spent?

A person will have 60,000 thought forms(on an average) in a day. Given that we have 84000 seconds in a day, we have one thought form every 2 seconds and psychologists say that 50% of these thought forms are useless thought forms. 

We spend 1 unit of energy on each thought form, i.e, we are wasting a minimum of 30000 units of energy daily, 9 lac units per month and 1.08 crore units per year. 
What a colossal wastage of your precious energy.

Now, the question is how to avoid this energy loss?

By learning different healing techniques and powerful meditation, 
you save lots & lots of your precious energy.