Melchizedek Method

Melchizedek Method - Level 1

The best healing technique to remove all of ones past life Karma.Probably the most elaborate technique to purify and
strengthen ones aura thoroughly and completely. The only Healing technique to take you to the 11th dimension – A very high energy state.

There are 5 levels in Melchizedek healing. Each level heals at a deeper levels of Karma. When you learn all the 5 levels you can heal karmas from our first incarnation. Apart from healing of our karma we can heal karma of our earlier 3 generations and future 3 generations. This is the only healing technique by which this could be done. Seven generations of healing karmas can be done with Melchizedek method of healing including ourselves. 3 generations earlier means healing karma of parents,
grandparents and great grandparents. 3 generations ahead means healing karma of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’s.

Melchizedek Method - Level 2

Melchizedek 2 nd level is supposed to be 5 times more powerful than the 1 st level. Here it works at deeper levels of Karma.
Here we deal with many things like:
 Healing the skeleton & muscles
 Original divine blue print
 Balancing the meridians
 Balancing the Yin and Yang (male & female)
Koreans classify everything into male & female and the 5 elemental energies – Imbalance of these energies cause disease. Here we do balancing the Yin & Yang and the 5 elemental energies. Once the balancing is done properly the disease disappears and normal health restores.
So Melchi..2 is more elaborate and deeper healing … more elaborate than Melchi..1

Melchi..2 can be used to heal:
 Negative entities
 Vexes
 Hexes
 Negative Karma

Any type of negativity could be healed. Melchizedek is by far the most elaborate and comprehensive healing actually of all the healing techniques