Mexican Healing

Mexican Healing is a healing technique that has originated from Egypt. It is very effective against all disorders due to presence of negative entities.

What are negative entities ?
Negative entities means either the souls with tremendous negative energies or negative emotions (like anger,depression, frustration, disappointment etc.) 
So these negative emotions have a bad impact on our aura and therefore our physical and psychological self. Hence it becomes important to get rid of these negative entities. In such cases, Mexican healing helps cleanse your aura, nullifies all the negative energies responsible for any of your problem.  

Generally many chronic / long-standing or severe illness /disorder are due to one of the following causes:

-Negative Entities

-Negative blocks

-Emotional entities like curses , hexes , tensional entities  etc.

So Mexican healing can effectively
remove the following


-Black magic


-Severe past life karma

All these are nothing but varying degrees of neg. energies only and everything created by our neg.karma only

Diagnosis of negative entities

They are sure to be present when you see following conditions in a person

– Having many severe problems for a long period of time
– All cases of mental problems
– Psychological cases, presence of emotional entities – self or of others)
– Sudden or continuous loss in business
– Sudden fight among couple talk of divorces
– Suicidal tendencies, attempted suicide
– Fear psychosis, always under depression
– Sudden & severe accidents
– Person falling sick suddenly
– Disinterest in doing anything

– Severe issues like Migraine, Knee joint pain caused by negative entities (entities are souls with lots of negative energy) which come into your aura due to past life
karma can be cured with Mexican Healing

– Mexican healing is effective against
all these causes. It effectively removes them quickly & completely. The time taken to give total relief depends on factors like severity & duration of the problems/disorders and age & the general health of the patient

– Mexican healing is very easy to learn to learn & very easy to practice also duration of the course is 4 days with training

– Course materials are given & with the training treatment procedures are taught & demonstrated

At least one member in a family must learn & practice this regularly.

Please remember

Any neg.entity  whether full soul or part is because of our earlier neg.karma so any suffering is because of our earlier neg. / bad karma. So you must neutralize or clear all this karma

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