Reiki Healing Course

You can now do the Reiki Healing Course Online amid the Covid situation at the comfort of your homes.

What is Reiki?

Reiki – Rei means universal Ki means life force energy in japanese language. So Reiki means universal life force energy.Reiki is the energy that is sustaining all life, it is flowingthrough every one of us, even though we might not be aware of it. 

How Reiki works?

Reiki Healing works on our energy field called the aura. Aura is around our physical body. We can’t see it, but it is proved scientifically by Kirlian photography invented by the Russian scientist Seymour Kirlian in 1939.

Why should you learn Reiki

– Connect to the universal energy
– Reconnect to your higher self.
– Address problems and illnesses by healing the underlying energy imbalance that’s causing the disease.
– Balance your mind.
– Eliminate the stress and strain of modern life.
– Discover your life purpose.
– Eliminate the stress and strain of modern life.
– Alleviate emotional and psychological traumas brought on by difficult life events.
– Feel the inner joy and peace of healing others.

5 Principles of Reiki
Reiki Course Online
Reiki Healing Course - Centre

Our centre offers Online classes. Here’s what you learn in the different levels of Reiki

What you learn in Reiki 1st Level?

  • Why do you get diseases?
  • Why allopathic medicines give only symptomatic relief but not cure?
  • How Reiki can cure diseases?
  • The energy body concept
  • Location of the Mind
  • Location of the Soul
  • Potential of the Mind
  • Potential of the Soul
  • Chakras & Aura
  • How to treat yourselves and others and many other topics

What you learn in Reiki 2nd Level?

  • You learn 3 powerful symbols
  • You can heal chronic and long-lasting cases like B.P/Diabetes/
    Headache / Acidity / Gastritis / Allergy /Backache / Knee pain /
    Neck pain etc…
  • You learn distance healing i.e, how to treat people who are
    away from you.
  • You learn to shield yourself i.e, to preventnegativity
     from coming to your aura.
  • You learn a powerful meditation by which you can improve your immunity

What you learn in Reiki 3rd Level?

  • The most powerful reiki master symbol….that enables you to treat karmic diseases…what medically are called genetic disorders
  • Reiki meditation…a powerful meditation that cleanses , purifies & energises your chakras & aura ..thoroughly & completely
  • Crystals…..their properties…their usage…programming the crystals healing
  • 3 non Reiki symbols……one symbol to ground you….one to bring you prosperity… to cleanse, purify & strengthen your mind

What you learn in Reiki Masters?

  • You learn how to use the Master symbol, symbol to heal the spinal chord
  • Learn how to do Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunement for students
  • Learn how to do Reiki attunement for students to heal themselves and others

When was Reiki introduced to earth ?

Reiki was introduced to earth in a place called Atlantis. When Atlantis was lost, we lost Reiki   

Again when it was introduced to the world in 1989, by Japanese philanthropist Dr Mikao Usui. So, why did it have to come 3 times? As it needed to be grounded.

Usui Shiki Ryoho The Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki is a generic word in Japan, and is used to describe any type of healing work based on life force energy. It is not exclusive to the systems of healing based on Dr. Usui’s method. The system of healing that evolved from Dr. Usui’s method is called the Usui system of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho. 

Benefits of learning Reiki

– To treat yourself of all problems be it physical, emotional, mental.

– To treat others of above said problems.
– To protect yourself from accidents, bad company etc. to protect your house from theft.
– To protect your vehicle from accidents.
– To increase memory power of yourself / your children / your family members.
– To fulfill your intentions & ambitions using Reiki energy & Reiki symbols.
– To purify & expand your aura – to bring health, happiness & prosperity automatically to you.

Want to become a certified Reiki Master?